Below are links to a selection of television commercials that I have directed.  Many, many talented and creative people were involved in the production of these pieces but I am going to quietly claim credit for everything in their absence.  If that offends you then please feel free to shake your head in disdain…now.

‘Need a Hand’ for Marketforce

‘Party’ for Marketforce

‘There’s a lot to love’ for 303

‘Laserman’ for Marketforce

‘6 Designer Touches in 6 Weeks’ for Marketforce

‘Yabby Rain’ for Gatecrasher

‘Ice Ice Baby’ for Marketforce

‘Opportunities’ for Rare Creative

‘My Cousin Oskaar’ for Rare Creative

‘Massive Money’ for Marketforce

‘Delivery’ for Brand Agency

‘Maybe you were meant to be a Teacher’ for Vinten Browning

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