A “vision” of Sororal

October 3, 2012

We’re still putting the finishing touches on my latest feature thriller Sororal but here is a NEW teaser trailer that should wet your whistle.  The teaser features our first glimpse of Cassie, the film’s tortured heroine.  Getting close now…promise.


August 13, 2012

I’ve started a new screenplay.  Often, once a film is completed I have very little recollection of how the project began.  I thought I would share these images as an insight into how things begin for me.  The exact moment of genesis eludes me but I do know that I spent an evening scribbling madly into the night.  It was one of those inspiration fueled sessions where your hand moves as if possessed, pure and exciting.  Then comes the sobering reality where you must confront your work in the harsh light of day.  This is where you list all the better artists in the world and how you are not even worthy to clean out their ashtrays.  Then you remember that William Goldman said “Nobody knows anything”.  The recollection of this great equaliser forces you to lower the .38 snub nosed revolver you’ve held, white knuckled to your temple and consider that maybe your little story has just as much right to exist as Tarkovsky’s The Mirror.

My idea seems to have passed the test and appeased both the passionate  and open minded daemon and the scumbag self loathing cynic within me.  When these two sides agree on something, then the project is allowed to continue.  I am forbidden to consult anyone about the project until first draft stage as their well meaning advice will either fuel one side’s arguments or the other and this could derail the whole project.  So apart from all the anxiety, existential terror and paralysing fear…I’d say it’s going quite well.

I’ll leave you with this video from Ze Frank.  It’s all about beginnings.  It’s time to start this shit up.