Esoterica at Scary Minds

January 30, 2012

“Barrett shows he can not only make a modern movie but can match the past masters shot for shot in the best noir mystery to have ever been made in Australia”

– Scary Minds

Check out this wonderful review of Esoterica at Scary Minds.

I’m delighted and humbled by their words and I can’t recommend their site enough.  The team at Scary Minds have a positive outlook and believe whole heartedly in celebrating the darker site of cinema, which is fine by me.  It is also great to see that Christopher de Groot’s amazing score is listed as one of the highlights of the film.

Pre-Order ESOTERICA now!

January 5, 2012

An endless night.
A seedy photographer.
A slighted hooker.
A kidnapped child.
A desperate search.
A race against time.
A mystery like no other.

My second feature Esoterica finally hits the shelves on January 19th.  Please support the film by buying or renting it today.  The best price I have seen is from who are offering it for $17.47 plus FREE shipping.  It is also available for purchase from JB-HiFi and Ezydvd.   I will be posting more about this strange little film as the date draws near so stay tuned.  I hope you enjoy the film.



April 14, 2011

Dear Internet,

I have officially wrapped shooting on my third feature film Sororal.  The shoot was an intense and bloody seven week affair which saw a young and driven crew inhabit all manner of strange locations during a seemingly unending heat wave.  I had the chance to work with an exciting crop of new performers as well as explore new territory with some familiar faces.  We have wasted no time and have jumped straight into post production.  As I write this I am trawling through the many hundreds of shots that will come together to make this strange little film.  I am overjoyed with the images (kudos to D.O.P. Ivan Davidov) and can’t wait to get this kaleidoscopic monster out there.  We have a powerful group of artists driving the post-production phase from composer Chris De Groot ( to VFX artist Brendan Seals.  Along with sound designer Benjamin Morris, these talented gentlemen are determined to make Sororal an unforgettable film experience.

What is Sororal?  It is a ‘giallo’ inspired horror film, a transgressive Technicolor nightmare and a story about the explosive power of love itself.  Yes, I know what that sentence sounds like but please have faith, Internet.  From here on in, I will be uploading photos, video and other tidbits about what will be an electrifying film.

-Sam Barrett

Director, Sororal



July 5, 2010

This is the first post from my shameless new website!  At last there is a place where people can come to read all about me.  This site will feature samples of my work as a director in addition to the odd post which will feature my musings.  Check back to find out what nonsense I’ve been up to.

I told this clone trooper about my website.