NEW HEAD SHOT by Haychmack

June 8, 2014


Check out my new head shot taken by slick snapper Heath Mckinley. Why do I have a head shot? Narcissism won, didn’t you hear? Mr Mckinley snatched this one while we were setting up for a photo shoot for a new project I am working on (details to follow). Check out his other work right here.

Sororal Teaser hits!

June 5, 2012

Follow the link below to check out the first Teaser to my upcoming feature thriller Sororal. I must say I am excited at the prospect of audiences seeing the film.  There will be plenty of juicy posts in the coming months,  I guarantee it.  Don’t forget to LIKE the film on Facebook.

Click here to see the Teaser!


“A heady whirlwind of genetic experimentation, mind control, telekinetic power struggles and twisted art revolve around Sororal’s heroine, Cassie (Amanda Woodhams), a troubled artist who tries to make sense of her vivid, violent dreams by committing her visions to canvas”

Sororal on Twitchfilm

May 15, 2012

Hi all!  Check out the new Teaser artwork for my upcoming feature Sororal on Twitchfilm.  You will not be disappointed.  The artwork was created by the very talented Joshua Weeks.  Thanks Josh!  A massive thanks to Hugo Ozman from Twitchfilm.  I suspect Hugo might be our first fan from across the waters.  Click the image above to take the leap…

Esoterica in Filmink

January 20, 2012

Follow the link below to checkout a brief article about Esoterica.  The tone of the piece is ambiguous, to say the least but there’s no such thing as bad publicity, eh?

Esoteric Interests by Travis Johnson