Esoterica at Scary Minds

January 30, 2012

“Barrett shows he can not only make a modern movie but can match the past masters shot for shot in the best noir mystery to have ever been made in Australia”

– Scary Minds

Check out this wonderful review of Esoterica at Scary Minds.

I’m delighted and humbled by their words and I can’t recommend their site enough.  The team at Scary Minds have a positive outlook and believe whole heartedly in celebrating the darker site of cinema, which is fine by me.  It is also great to see that Christopher de Groot’s amazing score is listed as one of the highlights of the film.

Esoterica in Filmink

January 20, 2012

Follow the link below to checkout a brief article about Esoterica.  The tone of the piece is ambiguous, to say the least but there’s no such thing as bad publicity, eh?

Esoteric Interests by Travis Johnson

Pre-Order ESOTERICA now!

January 5, 2012

An endless night.
A seedy photographer.
A slighted hooker.
A kidnapped child.
A desperate search.
A race against time.
A mystery like no other.

My second feature Esoterica finally hits the shelves on January 19th.  Please support the film by buying or renting it today.  The best price I have seen is from who are offering it for $17.47 plus FREE shipping.  It is also available for purchase from JB-HiFi and Ezydvd.   I will be posting more about this strange little film as the date draws near so stay tuned.  I hope you enjoy the film.


‘Esoterica’ trailer

August 17, 2010

Director: Sam Barrett

DOP: Ivan Davidov

Check out the trailer for my upcoming neo noir feature film ‘Esoterica’.