I am a director.  I love to direct.  I love storytelling.


Writing is an exquisitely painful and immensely rewarding process.  I keep waiting for the day when it won’t be such a doubt ridden, draining and stressful activity but every veteran writer says that that day never comes.  It’s akin to a birthing process and from what I’m told, birth is neither beautiful nor pain free.  However like birth you get to enjoy moments of joy and levity in the years that follow the event.


I am on a constant journey of discovery and I seek self improvement at every opportunity.  Movies are my life’s blood and I am on a lifelong exploration through the artform.  It’s going well.  In terms of film and cinema, I spend more time in the past than I do in the present but I have an open mind.  If QT and Scorsese are in year 12 of ‘Film Appreciation School’ then I am probably situated in year 6 or maybe a combined 6/7 class.

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